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Hi, I’m Jamie, I’m an Artist located in Perth, Western Australia and this is my story thus far! 

Growing up, the only awards I ever received were for art. Nothing seemed to catch my eye quite like a piece of paper and pencil did. Coming from three generations of artists on my mother’s side, some may say, it’s in my DNA. Art just seemed to be my thing!

At first, when I headed off to university, I studied Architecture for two years, but decided it was too technical and to be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of drawing so many straight lines. It was at this time I transferred over to complete an undergraduate degree in Creative Advertising & Graphic Design at Curtin University. 


Throughout my degree I built an understanding of what it was to conceptualise an idea and apply it to a piece of work.

After graduating I didn’t have the urge to apply for a bunch of jobs in my industry, but rather chose to concentrate on what had been a side project for more than two years and form my own clothing brand called, HIGHST.

HIGHST is all about handing back the power to those magnificent wild animals that humanity has stolen from for too long. Conceptually at least, I hope that through these cheeky drawings it’s my way of protesting for change!


I encourage you to have your own perspective of the imagery and open your imagination to whatever meaning or idea is triggered. Explore the different scenarios that may eventuate, or if that’s a bit too up in the air for you, then I hope you can just relax and enjoy the laugh.


All the artwork is initially hand-drawn with a ballpoint pen over many hours and pages. I then have these finished works screen-printed locally on high quality, 100% organic cotton tee and other garments in Perth, Western Australia. 

And yeah, here I am, with no idea about where this going to lead me, only able to work hard, love the process and hope this is only the start… 

Childhood- 2018

2018 - SEPT 2019


Since officially starting HIGHST in January 2018, I’ve found myself asking “How do I even do that”? numerous times. Rather than rushing, I’ve chosen to take care with the process of building HIGHST. Choosing to take the necessary steps to solve problems, while valuing the learning curve.

From the start, it’s been a priority to shape HIGHST as an eco-friendly brand and I’m proud to say I’m using 100% Organic cotton t-shirts and keeping production local. While I’m continuously looking at avenues to change for the better. On this note, if you have any opinions and advice on this, I would love to hear from you.


As my knowledge has grown about wildlife and the effects humans are having on animals around the world, it has only fueled the further development of HIGHST.


Each day the world HIGHST lives in continues to grow, with each character developing their own story and personality. Who knows what they’ll be up to next!

Jason Matz Photography-292.jpg

Along the way HIGHST has been fortunate to appear at events, exhibitions and festivals such as RAW exhibition, Scarborough Sunset markets, Perth Makers markets, Hot Dub Wine Machine and many more.

Jason Matz Photography-148.jpg

After graduating and starting HIGHST, I was also given the opportunity to work in a Social Media and Promotions Coordinator role at a well-known nightclub in Perth, Western Australia. It provided an experience that I’m grateful for and has allowed me to further my knowledge to develop HIGHST.


Some more recent opportunities have stemmed from local governments, where I completed a window drawing and taught children how to draw for the City of Melville.


With a variety of commissions based around illustrations, hand painted signs, live caricature gigs, designing graphics and tutoring drawing all keeping me busy.


My journey to fight for wildlife in my own way will continue and if you’re involved with wildlife in any way, I would love to hear your story.

2018 - SEPT 2019
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