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From the start, it’s been my mission for HIGHST to become a sustainable clothing brand.


What HIGHST does, why and sources I recommend.


Organic cotton t-shirts certified with Global Organic Textile Standard.

  • It’s not just about how soft it feels, the making of organic cotton uses significantly less water than traditional cotton and doesn't use harmful chemicals that affect the land and people it's grown on.

Unfortunately, I'm yet to find an organic source for hoodies that is cost-effective and stylish. If you have any recommendations please reach out!


Locally printed, embroidered and sewn.



Biodegradable postage satchels and biodegradable cellophane packaging

  • All you have to do is take off the shipping label and you can literally throw the packaging in the garden and over time it will disappear. It blows my mind to walk into shopping centres to see the number of big brands taking part in the world’s plastic problem.

Brands used are Hero packaging, Sendle biodegradable satchels and


Unfortunately, bigger objects such as hoodies are packaged in regular cellophane bags that were purchased when I first started out and will be transitioned in the future.


Swing tags with environmentally friendly inks

  • When it comes to packaging, I believe less is more. There’s even a small message on the bottom of the character bio tag encouraging you to treat the tag as a poster and not throw it out!

A local business that helps create HIGHST is The Environmental Printing Company.


When you choose organic you are investing in a more sustainable future. Each day HIGHST will make the best choice possible to be a part of a sustainable future and I hope the above information helps you choose to be further sustainable.

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